Volume 76: International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory, 15-17 October 2017, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan


Editors: Steve Hanneke, Lev Reyzin


Algorithmic Learning Theory (ALT) 2017: Preface

Steve Hanneke, Lev Reyzin ; PMLR 76:1-2

New bounds on the price of bandit feedback for mistake-bounded online multiclass learning

Philip M. Long ; PMLR 76:3-10

Minimax rates for cost-sensitive learning on manifolds with approximate nearest neighbours

Henry W J Reeve, Gavin Brown ; PMLR 76:11-56

Universality of Bayesian mixture predictors

Daniil Ryabko ; PMLR 76:57-71

Erasing Pattern Languages Distinguishable by a Finite Number of Strings

Fahimeh Bayeh, Ziyuan Gao, Sandra Zilles ; PMLR 76:72-108

Non-Adaptive Randomized Algorithm for Group Testing

Nader H. Bshouty, Nuha Diab, Shada R. Kawar, Robert J. Shahla ; PMLR 76:109-128

Automatic Learning from Repetitive Texts

Rupert Hölzl, Sanjay Jain, Philipp Schlicht, Karen Seidel, Frank Stephan ; PMLR 76:129-150

Boundary Crossing for General Exponential Families

Odalric-Ambrym Maillard ; PMLR 76:151-184

Preference-based Teaching of Unions of Geometric Objects

Ziyuan Gao, David Kirkpatrick, Christoph Ries, Hans Simon, Sandra Zilles ; PMLR 76:185-207

Specifying a positive threshold function via extremal points

Vadim Lozin, Igor Razgon, Viktor Zamaraev, Elena Zamaraeva, Nikolai Yu. Zolotykh ; PMLR 76:208-222

A minimax and asymptotically optimal algorithm for stochastic bandits

Pierre Ménard, Aurélien Garivier ; PMLR 76:223-237

Graph Verification with a Betweenness Oracle

Mano Vikash Janardhanan ; PMLR 76:238-249

Lifelong Learning in Costly Feature Spaces

Maria-Florina Balcan, Avrim Blum, Vaishnavh Nagarajan ; PMLR 76:250-287

Collaborative Clustering: Sample Complexity and Efficient Algorithms

Jungseul Ok, Se-Young Yun, Alexandre Proutiere, Rami Mochaourab ; PMLR 76:288-329

Parameter identification in Markov chain choice models

Arushi Gupta, Daniel Hsu ; PMLR 76:330-340

The Complexity of Explaining Neural Networks Through (group) Invariants

Danielle Ensign, Scott Neville, Arnab Paul, Suresh Venkatasubramanian ; PMLR 76:341-359

An efficient query learning algorithm for zero-suppressed binary decision diagrams

Hayato Mizumoto, Shota Todoroki, Diptarama, Ryo Yoshinaka, Ayumi Shinohara ; PMLR 76:360-371

Soft-Bayes: Prod for Mixtures of Experts with Log-Loss

Laurent Orseau, Tor Lattimore, Shane Legg ; PMLR 76:372-399

Hypotheses testing on infinite random graphs

Daniil Ryabko ; PMLR 76:400-411

Scale-Invariant Unconstrained Online Learning

Wojciech Kotłowski ; PMLR 76:412-433

Learning MSO-definable hypotheses on strings

Martin Grohe, Christof Löding, Martin Ritzert ; PMLR 76:434-451

The Power of Random Counterexamples

Dana Angluin, Tyler Dohrn ; PMLR 76:452-465

A Strongly Quasiconvex PAC-Bayesian Bound

Niklas Thiemann, Christian Igel, Olivier Wintenberger, Yevgeny Seldin ; PMLR 76:466-492

Normal Forms in Semantic Language Identification

Timo Kötzing, Martin Schirneck, Karen Seidel ; PMLR 76:493-516

Efficient tracking of a growing number of experts

Jaouad Mourtada, Odalric-Ambrym Maillard ; PMLR 76:517-539

Tight Bounds on $\ell_1$ Approximation and Learning of Self-Bounding Functions

Vitaly Feldman, Pravesh Kothari, Jan Vondrák ; PMLR 76:540-559

Relative Error Embeddings of the Gaussian Kernel Distance

Di Chen, Jeff M. Phillips ; PMLR 76:560-576

Adaptive Submodularity with Varying Query Sets: An Application to Active Multi-label Learning

Alan Fern, Robby Goetschalckx, Mandana Hamidi-Haines, Prasad Tadepalli ; PMLR 76:577-592

Structured Best Arm Identification with Fixed Confidence

Ruitong Huang, Mohammad M. Ajallooeian, Csaba Szepesvári, Martin Müller ; PMLR 76:593-616

On Compressive Ensemble Induced Regularisation: How Close is the Finite Ensemble Precision Matrix to the Infinite Ensemble?

Ata Kabán ; PMLR 76:617-628

Dealing with Range Anxiety in Mean Estimation via Statistical Queries

Vitaly Feldman ; PMLR 76:629-640

Learning from Networked Examples

Yuyi Wang, Zheng-Chu Guo, Jan Ramon ; PMLR 76:641-666

PAC Learning Depth-3 $\textrm{AC}^0$ Circuits of Bounded Top Fanin

Ning Ding, Yanli Ren, Dawu Gu ; PMLR 76:667-680

A Modular Analysis of Adaptive (Non-)Convex Optimization: Optimism, Composite Objectives, and Variational Bounds

Pooria Joulani, András György, Csaba Szepesvári ; PMLR 76:681-720

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